My driver & purpose

Any successful transformation builds on this. And so, everything I do, when engaging, starts with understanding you and your organization’s WHY.

I take pride in being the following to you and the challenge you want solved:

How I work

Getting to know me and how I work

I love to see, understand, and improve the big picture in my mission to drive the top and bottom line.

I take pride in my ability to connect the dots from a business challenge through strategy creation to operational implementation. And then I get down to implement. I enjoy delivering value, while considering and understanding how each decision impacts people, operations, and performance.

To accomplish this, I focus on key results, build amazing and diverse teams, and quickly adapt to new insights – hands-on, whenever that may be needed.

I have enjoyed experiences and engagements in executive, consulting, project- and programme management roles across numerous industries (e.g. Professional Services, Retail, Manufacturing) along direct and supportive value chains of businesses. These experiences have taught me the following about myself:

I successfully create, scale, and deliver strategical, organisational, and operational change and improvement programmes in organisations with a scale of anywhere between €20m to approx. €5B in revenue.

I align, lead, and grow committed and inspired teams and programmes from 10 to >100 members.

I educate, refine, and continuously drive myself to be a better person

Our values


  I identify with your objectives
  I provide advice beyond the data
  I work analytically, structured, and data-driven​


  I have been on your side of the table
  I am backed up by formal Qualifications
  I have practical experience in the areas I consult


  I deliver tangible outcomes
  I work needs based with adaptive speed
  I use proven & refined delivery approaches


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„The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

Michelangelo (1475-1564)